Thank you to all participants in our recent Community Narrative discussions

Several members of our school community participated in our Community Narrative discussions in early February. Thank you to the following individuals for taking the time to read the narrative, bringing good questions and comments to our discussions, and suggesting a number of ways to improve the document: Reed Baumgarten, Patrick Firme, Becky Fitzpatrick, Ben Gillock, Quinn Holden-Schrock, Dev Jivanji, Nicholas Nazari, Selena Sermeno, Abby Sussman, Naomi Swinton, and Raechel Waters. Also, thank you to Gianvi Figari, Victoria Lovato,  Melinda Russial,  Dr. Sam, and Maria Weinrich for remaining available to help as needed, and for their follow-up reflections on the feedback we received. 

Based on this feedback, Victoria and I will make some revisions to the narrative. We look forward to including interested students in part of this work and will soon announce these plans in partnership with Quinn, Dev, and Nicholas. Once we complete our revisions, we will re-share the narrative with employees and students.