Next steps

The Board–working in collaboration  with the SLT, employees, and students–will develop each of the following initiatives:

Fall 2021

  • Idea 1A: Scholarship expansion
  • Idea 4A: Master Plan (Campus Core)

Fall 2022

  • Idea 1B: New support/prep program
  • Idea 2B: Leadership competencies
  • Idea 4A: Master Plan (beyond the Campus Core)

Spring 2023

  • Idea 2A: Model for learning expeditions
  • Idea 2C: Cross-curricular teams
  • Idea 3B: Fellows program
  • Idea 4A: Master Plan (beyond the Campus Core)


  • Idea 1B: Summer and/or virtual programming
  • Idea 3C: New interning/mentoring model
  • Idea 3A: New faculty/staffing model
  • Idea 4C: Conferences/events for partners in mission
  • Idea 4B: Regional (k-12) center for peacebuilding/sustainability