The following timeline tracks the origins of our current strategic planning efforts:

Spring 2016

President shares initial strategic vision

Dr. Mora articulates a strategic vision that emphasizes mission-alignment, place-based programming, and financial sustainability.

Spring 2016

Summer 2017

Institutional audit finished

Dr. Mora completes a comprehensive audit of the school in dialogue with internal and external stakeholders.

Summer 2017

Fall 2017

A Strategic Planning Committee is established

Dr. Mora recruits a Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) to help advance the strategic planning process.

Fall 2017

A UWC Movement strategic plan is released

The UWC Movement publishes its strategic plan, UWC Strategy: 2018 and Beyond. This plan provides additional context for the development of our strategy.

First strategic objectives outlined

Dr. Mora and the SPC share with the school community the first iteration of our current strategic objectives.  

Fall 2018

Need for a Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives is identified

Dr. Mora identifies the need for a Special Assistant to manage the strategic planning process (this position takes one year to fill).  

Fall 2018

Institutional diagnosis completed

Dr. Mora and the Board arrive at the following assessment of the school’s key challenges: 

I. In our people, programs, and systems we have insufficient capacity and integration for consistently delivering on mission.

II. In our facilities and grounds we face crushing deferred maintenance costs and spaces not suited for purpose for the school’s use. 

III. Our current funding model is financially unsustainable and has not generated the resources the school needs. 

Guiding policy established

Dr. Mora and the Board develop the following guiding policy for the continued development of the strategic plan:

I. Focus on mission-values alignment; adopt known best practices; develop project plans for operational and programming improvements.

II. Improve safety of facilities and grounds; enhance environmental sustainability of facilities and grounds; upgrade facilities.  

III. Increase revenues within a sustainable financial model; decrease costs within a sustainable financial model.

Strategy adopted

The Board adopts a two-phase strategy for achieving the emerging strategic goals:

Phase I: Strengthen the Foundation (3-5 year view)

Phase II: Innovate for Impact (10 year view)

Spring 2019

Goals finalized

Dr. Mora and a reconstituted SPC establish a set of five strategic goals:

Goal 1: Mission-aligned people

Goal 2: Mission-aligned, signature, placed-based 

Goal 3: Integrated Systems 

Goal 4: Safe and inspiring campus

Goal 5: Funding and advancement  

Spring 2019

Summer 2019

Strategic plan is finalized

Dr. Mora shares the UWC-USA Strategic Plan 2019 with the school community.

Summer 2019

Fall 2019

Phase I planning begins

The SPC launches the planning of the “Strengthen the Foundation” initiatives. For each initiative, the SPC organized a cross-functional team comprised of faculty, staff, and students charged with formulating a set of Coherent Action recommendations for fulfilling the initiative. 

Fall 2019

A Special Assistant is hired

Dr. Mora hires Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives to manage Phase I planning/implementation and to support the Board’s initial work on Phase II.

The Board prepares to develop Phase II

A revitalized Board Strategic Planning Committee outlines a brainstorming exercise to initiate Phase II development.

Winter 2020

Phase I implementation begins

While planning continues, the Special Assistant supports the leadership team as it assumes responsibility for prioritizing and implementing approved Coherent Action recommendations at the division and department levels.

Winter 2020

Summer 2020

The SPC becomes the Strategic Planning Task Force

The SPC reorganizes as the Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTF) to fit within the school’s newly defined leadership structure. It continues to support Phase I planning efforts.

Summer 2020

Fall 2020

Phase I planning and implementation continue

Planning and implementation continue concurrently, supported by the Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives, the leadership team, and the SPTF.

Fall 2020

The Board updates its institutional diagnosis to guide Phase II

Internally, our impact is limited by our lack of differentiation among international secondary schools, the relatively small number of students we serve annually, the low profile or weakness of our educational brand, and financial resources. Externally, the global context in which we operate presents the challenges of inequality, political polarization, and climate change/ecological crisis.

Winter 2021

Board approves an initial Phase II framework

The Board approves an initial Innovate for Impact framework developed by the Strategic Planning Committee, working in  close collaboration with the school’s leadership team.  

Winter 2021