The SLT shares a statement of educational objectives with employees and students

As part of the 2A. Mission-Alignment initiative, the SLT has finalized a statement of educational objectives. We are pleased to share this document with students and employees for your reading over winter break. 

The statement has its origins in the SLT’s summertime review of the coherent action recommendations for the 2A initiative.  At the time of its review, the SLT designated this initiative for further development. Specifically, the SLT determined that achieving mission-alignment across our programming–academics, experiential education, and student life–required more than a mission statement to guide these three curricula: we also need a set of school-wide objectives that flow from this mission statement.  The SLT began its work on this statement in late summer and completed its work last month.  We look forward to receiving feedback from interested students and employees in January and February.

Now that we have a statement of school-wide objectives in place, the leadership of each of our three curricula (working with their teams and the Program Committee) will articulate a set of curriculum-specific learning objectives that compliment these shared objectives. Once we have these three additional pieces in place beside the statement of educational objectives, we will be in a much better position to fulfill the 2A initiative over time. The SLT expects to complete this work by the spring.