Making Progress on the 2B Annual Plan initiative

The 2B cross-functional team was charged with recommending a set of coherent actions for “developing an annual program for intentional culture building in our learning and living environment throughout the year.”  The cross-functional team completed its work in the spring of 2020 and submitted its recommendations to the SLT for review. Thank you to Brett Gilland, Victoria Lovato, Matt Moreno, Elise Peeren,  Denika Vigil, and Brent Whitted for their work on the 2B cross-functional team.  

Upon reviewing these recommendations, the SLT suspended approval in the interest of further developing the recommendations.  More specifically, the SLT wanted to incorporate into a set of final recommendations a number of related priorities identified by Victoria Mora: 1) build a 2-year calendar designed to enhance the two-year cycle of student experience, 2) create a clear narrative surrounding the calendar that integrates all areas of programming and is mission-aligned, 3) more intentionally schedule blocks of time for professional development and leadership development, 4) simplify the calendar to provide more unstructured time for students and staff, 5) continue to simplify signature programs and their scheduling, and 6) use the calendar to schedule more opportunities for connection among all members of the campus community. 

The SLT has decided to tackle all of the above by working together to methodically build a two-year calendar that spans 2021-2023. Uncertainties related to COVID implications for the 2021-22 calendar have delayed this process (and remain very real), but we have begun this new calendaring process. While we are behind our typical schedule for building the 2021-22 calendar, we are already ahead of schedule for building the 2022-23 calendar.  Between March and July, we will build the following layers onto both the 2021-22 and 2022-23 calendars: Outer Envelope, Major Programming Components, Community Building, Special Events, Leadership Development, Professional Life,  and Additional Student Programming. The Outer Envelope layer–which establishes key start of year, mid year, and end of year dates–will be available by the end of March.   

As we complete this work, making final decisions on the 2B Annual Plan recommendations and adding to them, we will update the document linked above and re-share it with the community.