The SLT finalizes a set of coherent action recommendations for the 5A Resource Allocation Model initiative

The SLT has approved a set of coherent action recommendations for the 5A initiative. Since the planning work for this initiative was postponed until the 2021-22 school year, it fell outside of our typical cross-functional team approach. Consequently, the SLT organized a working group to develop these recommendations. The working group included Jaclyn Gomez, Taylor Gantt, Mark Hodde, Todd Austin, and Victoria Mora. 

In the end we developed 6 coherent actions for this initiative. Coherent actions #1-#3 are designed to directly fulfill the 5A objective. Coherent actions #4 and #5 are included to capture some very important and related work that Taylor is currently doing with our Investment Committee. Coherent Action #6 is included since our 5-year budget model, in part, reflects our resource allocation model and can be improved to better do this.