The SLT finalizes a set of coherent action recommendations for initiative 5E: Meeting the Challenges and Opportunities of our Campus Location

The SLT’s review of the  recommendations submitted by the 5E  cross-functional team dates back to the spring of 2021.  At that time, the SLT designated a number of these recommendations for revision and reconsideration. It has now completed this work. 

For the 5E initiative, the SLT has approved four recommendations, revised and approved three others, and did not approve one recommendation.  This is an important time to remind employees and students that the SLT only approves the coherent action, not each and every one of the suggestions that the cross-functional team includes in the “description” column. The SLT member responsible for implementation takes these suggestions under advisement and exercises their discretion in building a detailed implementation plan. The President oversees this work. 

Thank you to Hritik Sampat, Lizzie Cuevas, Anders Fristedt, Erin Gilland, Judi Ruprecht and Aaron Yang for their development of these recommendations as members of the 5E cross-functional team.