Implementation of the 3A Decision-making initiative begins

In fulfillment of the 3A Decision-making initiative, the SLT has taken the next steps to  implement a comprehensive distributed leadership model. A distributed leadership manual has been created to support this effort. The manual explains this leadership model by:

  • Defining our distributed leadership practice;
  • Charting the relationship between leadership roles;
  • Mapping the relationship between leadership teams;
  • Clarifying roles in decision-making with regard to big-bet, cross-cutting, delegated, and ad hoc decisions;
  • Distinguishing between major and minor decisions;
  • Establishing processes for collaboration that moves in two directions: center to periphery and periphery to center;
  • Establishing protocols for transparency in decision-making.

The manual can be found on our network at: Publicstaff (P:) / SLT / Distributed Leadership Manual. 

Throughout the year division leaders will work with their department managers and personnel to fully implement this leadership practice.