The SLT approves a set of Coherent Action recommendations for the 2C. CEC as Foundational and Distinguishing initiative

The SLT has completed its review of the recommendations from the 2C cross-functional team; it has approved the full set of recommendations with a few modifications and comments. Before coming to the SLT, these recommendations were shared with students, employees, and the SPC for their review and comment. 

Thank you to Andy Gorvetzian (SPC), Naomi Swinton (SPC), Alex Curtiss, Max Murphy, Carl-Martin Nelson, Emiel Stegeman, Emily Li (UWC-USA ’21), Imanol Lozano (UWC-USA ’20) for their development of these recommendations as members of the 2C cross-functional team. The Bartos Institute team is already making much progress on implementation by making key decisions and breaking down these broad recommendations into concrete steps.