The SLT finalizes sets of coherent action recommendations for the 5C Tuition Strategy and 5D Alternative Revenue Strategy initiatives

Over the summer the SLT completed its review of the recommendations from the 5C/D cross-functional team and designated these for further development. It has now completed this work. 

For the 5C initiative, the SLT has expanded the recommendations from two to four. 

For the 5D initiative, the Special Assistant and two members of the 5C/D team (the CAO and Dean of Academics) first organized their list of 14 ideas into 8 recommendations. Subsequently, the SLT has consolidated/reduced these 8 recommendations to 4 recommendations.  Two guiding questions have guided our work: 1) does the recommendation pertain to strengthening an alternative revenue strategy that we’re already pursuing or have pursued intermittently in the recent past? 2) does the recommendation have the potential to generate annual net revenue in excess of $50,000? 

Thank you to John Carpenter, Gianvi Figari, Mark Hodde, Kristine Jaramillo, Alfonso Leon, Alexis Mamaux, and Aaron Yang for their initial development of these recommendations as members of the 5C/D cross-functional team.