The SLT prepares to establish a new network drive/Google drive structure in Jan ’22

As part of the 3D. Internal and External Interfaces initiative, the SLT has finalized a plan for Reorganizing the Network Drive / Organizing Google Drive. This plan seeks to update and simplify our use of the network drive in support of the new Record Retention Policy and Electronic Documents Management Policy.  

Following a general introduction of this plan at a January all-employee meeting, the IT Office will begin working with  division heads and department managers to make an orderly transition from our current drive structure to the new one. This work will proceed according to the following schedule: 

Students (T:) Jan 10-14                                                                                                                Objective: Consolidate publicstudent(T:) and datastudent(Q:)

Employees (O:) Jan 17-21                                                                                                          Objective:  Consolidate Publicstaff(P:) and datastaff(O:)

Departments (V:) Jan 24-28                                                                                                      Objective: Establish new division folders; some new department folders; some new department folder names.

We will certainly identify ways to improve this structure as each of us gains experience implementing it. Your feedback for this purpose will be most welcome.